Self Care-Sacral Pain

Self-Care – Gluteus MaximusSelf-Care – Gluteus Maximus

Self-Care – Gluteus Maximus

Here, you will find strategies for relief from gluteus maximus pain in the tailbone, sits bone, and buttock. For more…

2 years ago

Self Care – Hip Pain when Stepping onto One Foot

Here, you will find self-care strategies for relief on your own from hip pain through the sacroiliac (SI) joint of…

4 years ago

Self Care – Pain Along One Side of the Sacrum

Avoid the teetering exercises listed in the post on this trigger point. This includes things like vacuuming, sweeping, raking, working…

4 years ago

Self Care – Pain in the Sacrum or Crest of the Hip While Sleeping

Here, we explore how to get relief on your own from pain in the sacrum (center of your hips) when…

4 years ago