Trigger Points – Pain Along One Side of the Sacrum

Client Description

These people complain of pain up and down their sacrum on one side. When I ask where it hurts, they straighten their fingers and place their index and thumb along their sacrum, slightly to one side.

They complain of pain when bending forward. It may be dull or sharp, depending on how long they have let it go and what they have done to remedy it. It hurts when it presses into a chair or when it is touched with light or deep touch. The pain in sacrum is dominant, and they seldom complain about the pain in the leg, even when they are asked directly.


Self Care

Supine Twist by Yoga Poses8

There are a few exercises that help. The supine twist is very helpful when repeated side to side. It loosens the facet joints in the lumbar vertebrae and targets the lumbosacral joint when the hip is not flexed at 90 degrees. Keep your shoulders squarely on the floor and twist from side to side. The trigger point often releases when the lumbosacral joint clicks.

Walking lunges from Muscle and Fitness

The other exercise that helps to strengthen and release this area is the lunge. Alternating lunges, like walking lunges with a very long stride help. I have given this to many runners with consistent success. It stabilizes the low back, mobilizes the SI joint, and balances hamstring with erectors. Add a set of 12 into your run at 8-minute intervals. Keep the leading knee behind the leading toe.

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Therapy Notes

This trigger point can be deactivated by releasing the bind in the lumbosacral joint. This is easily done by pressing anteriorly on the affected side of the sacrum. Other additional work is usually needed to balance the pelvis and/or craniosacral mechanism for lasting results.
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