Gracilis- Massage & Bodywork NotesGracilis- Massage & Bodywork Notes

Gracilis- Massage & Bodywork Notes

Overview Gracilis has a distinct pattern of warm, stinging irritation along the inside of the thigh. Often, it is a…

1 year ago

Self-Care – Gracilis Muscle

Here, you will find self-care strategies to relieve the warm, superficial pain of gracilis trigger points. Look at this other…

1 year ago

Warm, Superficial Irritation Along Inside of Thigh

Want to skip ahead?Here's a link to my post about getting relief on your own. People Complain of hot or…

1 year ago

Gracilis – Functional Anatomy

Gracilis - medial view Overview Gracilis is a long, thin muscle on the medial aspect of the thigh. Origin medial…

1 year ago

Nasal Bone Release – Craniostructural Techniques

Overview This technique evaluates or releases restrictions in the articulations of the nasal bones. Restrictions in this area govern somatic…

3 years ago

Pelvic Spacing – Techniques

Pelvic spacing is a "shotgun" technique that helps to relieve binding and misalignment at the pubic symphysis. Basically, this is…

3 years ago