Somatic Mobilizations

Musculoskeletal Illustrations VideoMusculoskeletal Illustrations Video

Musculoskeletal Illustrations Video

A short video about the illustrations on this site and how they were inspired. There are examples with biceps, iliocostalis,…

2 years ago

Pelvic Shear – Technique

Overview This releases the anterior/posterior shearing of the os coxae on the sacrum. It is strongly governed by the lateral…

3 years ago

Leg Slap Pelvic Mobilization

Overview This simple technique is a quick and straightforward way to deal with the sacral up-slip. This “shotgun” technique releases…

3 years ago

Pelvic Spacing – Techniques

Pelvic spacing is a "shotgun" technique that helps to relieve binding and misalignment at the pubic symphysis. Basically, this is…

3 years ago

Joint Play and Mobilizations

Overview This post explores the idea of joint play, components of movement, and grades of mobilizations. On the other hand,…

3 years ago

Atlas mobilizations – Somatic Mobilizations

This protocol evaluates and mobilizes the atlantooccipital joint. It contains a few different approaches to atlas mobilizations. Therapy notes related…

4 years ago