Self Care – Pain in the Upper Back, Index Finger and Thumb

Here are some specific stretches that have been recommended by many sources over the years. They are proven to release scalenes and change your breathing pattern to prevent further thoracic outlet problems.

The exercise in this post is really great for releasing tension in the head, neck and upper back. It is particularly good at strengthening the muscle that lower shoulders and releasing the muscles that keep them high and tight.

These stretches for scalenes have been an effective approach for more than 30 years. It will be worth it to take the time to learn to do them properly and work with them regularly.

Feeling some sensation into your torso and arm? Getting some sensation into the scalene referral areas while doing Stretches for Scalenes is a good sign. It doesn’t always happen but it indicates that the trigger points are activated by the stretch. It doesn’t happen as much when you use the ice, as ice inhibits that irritation generated by trigger points. Most commonly, people feel it in the hand and upper back.

Breathing Exercises for Upper Back Pain

This post on breathing exercises is a proven therapy approach for retraining the breathing pattern, loosening fixated rib heads and releasing the underlying factors that perpetuate trigger points in muscles around the rib cage.

If you’re getting a lot of sensation in the shoulders, upper back, chest, and arm while doing the Breathing Exercise for Upper Back Pain, you’re lifting your collar bone a bit too much. Focus on the sensation of expanding your abdomen, which comes from using your diaphragm.

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