Self-Care – Nagging Pain Inside The Bottom of the Shoulder Blade

This pain is more likely to be caused by a weak and overstretched muscle instead of a short-tight one.

For quick and easy temporary relief:

If stretching isn’t convenient, you can place one of these little patches on your ribs, just below the armpit on the side that hurts. It should offer relief within 10 minutes or so. They’re easy to handle and don’t produce much of a scent, if you’re at work or on a date. You can pick them up at most drug stores, grocery stores or on Amazon.

For longer-lasting relief:

If your shoulders hunch forward, this stretch will help. A vapo-coolant like Icy-Hot on the tender ribs under the arm usually offers relief. Reducing the activities of onset, listed above, helps. It can be hard to get people to stop leaning on their elbows while using their laptops.

These doorway stretches offer quick relief.

The stretches in this post can quickly and easily lengthen the serratus anterior to offer quick relief. They work even better with the application of a vapo-coolant like Icy-hot or BioFreeze on the ribs.

These exercises strengthen and stabilize:

plank pose from

This muscle supports the ribs in postures that face down like a plank. In this picture, you can see how the ribs drop between the shoulder blades as the serratus anterior does not support the torso. Pressing the torso up through the shoulder blades strengthens the serratus anterior. Wall push-ups are a less difficult way to build this muscle.

Do 3 sets of 10 reps, with about a minute in between sets. Add this to your regular routine. It should feel better by the 3rd day and stabilize in less than 3 weeks. If not, see your bodyworker.

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In this case, other trigger points are more likely to create pain inside the shoulder blade. You may also want to look at other patterns for the upper back.

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Tony Preston has a practice in Atlanta, Georgia where he sees clients. He has written and taught about anatomy, trigger points and cranial therapies since the mid-90s.

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