Trigger Points – Nagging Pain Inside The Bottom of the Shoulder Blade

Client Description

People complain of nagging pain in the upper or mid back, just inside the base of the shoulder blade. They have trouble determining what causes it or what to do for relief. They may also complain of sore ribs on that side, just under the armpit or fibrocystic breasts. They usually have a straighter upper back with shoulder blades that wing out instead of laying flatly against the back.

Often, they have tried many things to take care of it but have not figured out to get relief because the trigger point is not near the site of pain and in a muscle that is seldom addressed.

This problem is ordinarily caused by forceful or prolonged retraction of the shoulder blade. The most common cause is resting on the elbows while working on a laptop, especially when bent forward or laying on the floor. People get this from a new routine of push-ups or planks during exercise. One client said this started after more vigorous tennis. Another client fell while mountain biking and landed on her shoulder.

This problem may follow an illness that involves chronic or prolonged coughing.  This muscle helps expand the chest and during labored breathing and may be present suring vigourous exerccise.

Scalenes also create pain along the inside of the shoulder blade during heavy breathing but usually create some pain, tingling, or electric shock feeling down the arms at that time. check out these posts if you have those symptoms. 

Get Relief.

There are stretches and exercises that can help. Look at this post for ideas that are clinically proven to work.

Sharpen your game.

Review these clinic notes for a more complete approach to treatment.

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Tony Preston has a practice in Atlanta, Georgia where he sees clients. He has written and taught about anatomy, trigger points and cranial therapies since the mid-90s.

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