Pain Along Side of Thigh, Sometimes to Front of Ankle

Client Description

These people complain of Pain along the side of the thigh, often down to the knee. I’ll ask if it extends down to the ankle and they usually say that it does. When I ask if it refers to the behind the ankle or in front, they say that it goes in front of the ankle, often to the big toe.

If they say that the pain extends behind the ankle, it is more likely to be this pattern.

This trigger point is in the tensor fascia lata, which may also create tingling in their thigh or pain on the side of their knee.

They may have been misdiagnosed with trochanteric bursitis, sciatica or degenerative discs.

This trigger point is often activated with sport activity or prolonged sitting.

Skiing, cycling, jumping, running on the beach, and other activities that involve slight flexion with side to side movement can activate this trigger point.

Also, sitting for long periods while leaning forward or with legs crossed can stiffen this muscle when it has latent trigger points. This can also lead to stiffness on rising when the person has been seated at a counter or table with their legs spread because of inadequate legroom. This tightness can make it difficult to keep the knees together while sitting. The person usually has other reasons for their habitual “manspreading.”

Sleeping in a fetal position or with the legs awkwardly flexed can also increase trigger point activity in this muscle.

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