Therapist Notes – Tensor Fascia Lata

This is a great test for the TFL.

Have the client sit on the edge of the table and pull the knee to the chest before laying back.

When tensor fascia lata is tight, the foot on the unteathered leg will deviate laterally.

Pelvic balancing is the forst step. TFL is very active in walking and standing and will not release easily or have lasting results without pelvic balancing.

Each therapist has their own method of pelvic balancing. I prefer craniostructural work with SOT blocking but also use METs, strain-counterstrain, and some NMT techniques.

I don’t often talk about craniostructural work in the therapist notes but I have to mention that the FM45 technique is an amazingly simple and quick way to release the TFL.

Here’s a small section from Neuromuscular Assessment Guides:


This post has the is the TFL routine from The Workbook of Classical Neuromuscular Therapy.

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