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Hip Pain with Tingling Bottom of Foot

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How People Describe This Pain Pattern

piriformis – sacral trigger point

People complain of nagging or achy pain on the edge of their sacrum. When this is more intense it extends over the hip and down the leg. Even then, the focus of pain is usually at the edge of the sacrum. Occasionally, the pain is near the side of the hip. Many of them report that the aching hip bothers them at night.

Also, they often complain of foot problems. Usually, it tingles and feels like ants are crawling on the bottom of the foot. This isn’t really a trigger point referral. Instead, it reflects an anatomical deviation. This minority of people have a section of the sciatic nerve that passes through the piriformis muscle and gets compressed by taut muscle fibers.

Often, it bothers them when seated for long periods. These people tend to shift and squirm after a while.

This muscle wraps around some of the nerve openings in the sacrum. Because of that, people develop problems in their pelvic floor. When this is acute, they may complain of problems evacuating their bowels or urinating. Women may experience pain during intercourse and men may experience erectile dysfunction.

How You Activate and Intensify This Pain Pattern

Near fall

The classic incident involves a fall or near fall. The near fall of slipping on the ice jerks and traumatizes this muscle. Often, patients cannot name an incident that caused this. But when they do, most often, it is the “near fall.”

Its a Hit

Next to a near fall, the most common cause is that the hip was struck. This might happen in a motor vehicle accident, a slip on the ice, or a fall off a chair. One patient was struck on the hip by a board while building a deck.


Sleeping in a fetal position with your hips flexed and your knees together exacerbates this condition.

Other Factors

Many patients cannot name the incident of onset but speak of repetitive strain in their job or chores. Clinical notes on this muscle report that infections can aggravate and perpetuate this problem.

The Musculoskeletal Anatomy Behind Your Pain

Musculoskeletal Anatomy

About these Illustrations…

Musculoskeletal Anatomy

About these Illustrations…

This post on anatomy contains the standard information about origin, insertion, function, and innervation. It also includes information on functional considerations and anomalies. This is also the place to find all posts related to this muscle.

Getting Relief on Your Own

Clinically Proven
Self-Care Strategies

This post has strategies for getting relief on your own. Explore how to change your activities, stretch, and other strategies that relieve the pain associated with this trigger point.

Therapy Notes for Massage and Bodywork

Better Bodywork
Through Shared Expertise

This post has techniques, tips, treatment routines, and anatomy illustrations to improve the bodyworker’s approach.

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