Therapy Notes – Gluteus Medius

A displaced sacroiliac often perpetuates the gluteus medius trigger points. Pelvic balance is the key to lasting results.

Each therapist has their own method of pelvic balancing. I prefer craniostructural work with SOT blocking but also use METs, strain-counterstrain, and some NMT techniques.

The anterior section is difficult to release without balancing the pelvis and mobilizing the sacroiliac joints. If it is not releasing easily, go back to pelvic balancing so that these trigger points do not re-activate once the client goes back to the activities of daily living.

Self care can be critical to relief, especially if this has become chronic.

Here is the section from Neuromuscular Assessment:


Here is the protocol from The Workbook of Neuromuscular Therapy:

This post has a classic neuromuscular protocol for gluteals. It calls for a good bit of T-bar work, which can be done with thumbs. I’ve taught this a number of times on the skin and through clothing. Directly on the skin is always considered to be much more effective by the recipient.

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