Upper Arm Pain

Elbow Pain When PushingElbow Pain When Pushing

Elbow Pain When Pushing

The trigger point referral patterns discussed here all create pain in the elbow from trigger points in the triceps muscle.…

3 years ago

Pain when pitching or reaching behind your body

Want to skip ahead?Here's a link to my post about getting relief on your own. trigger point referral pattern for…

7 years ago

Aching mid-back with tired triceps

Latissimus dorsi - trigger point referral People complain of an area of aching pain at the base of the shoulder…

7 years ago

Pain Along the Biceps, Maybe Collar Bone & Forearm

People seldom have any part of this pattern as their primary complaint, but when they do, it is usually biceps…

8 years ago

Stiff, Swollen Hands in the Morning

Areas of Pain and tingling associated to scalene trigger points People complain about waking with stiff, swollen hands in the…

8 years ago

Unresolvable Tennis Elbow

Elbow! ...and...shoulder People complain about persistent tennis elbow even though they've tried many different things around the elbow to get…

8 years ago