Occipitomastoid Suture Distraction- Craniosacral TechniquesOccipitomastoid Suture Distraction- Craniosacral Techniques

Occipitomastoid Suture Distraction- Craniosacral Techniques

This is one of several techniques that release restrictions between the occipital bone and mastoid bone. Notably, it is a…

8 months ago

Sagittal Suture Release – Craniosacral Techniques

This technique releases restrictions between the parietal bones along the sagittal suture. This staple of craniosacral work releases the top…

9 months ago

Self-Care – Pain Behind the Ear with Tension Down the Neck

Here, you will find strategies for relief from pain behind the ear with tension down the side of the neck.…

2 years ago

Pain Behind the Ear with Tension Down the Neck

Want to skip ahead?Here's a link to my post about getting relief on your own. Pain Behind Ear Mostly, people…

2 years ago

Longissimus – Massage Therapy Notes

Overview Here, you will find massage therapy notes for the longissimus of the erector spinae muscle group. It is complex…

2 years ago

Erector Spinae – Longissumus – Functional Anatomy

Overview of anatomy Longissimus is part of the erector spinae group, which also includes iliocostalis and spinalis. Like the others,…

2 years ago