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Self-Care – Pain Behind the Ear with Tension Down the Neck

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Here, you will find strategies for relief from pain behind the ear with tension down the side of the neck. Look at this other post for more information about how people describe this pattern.

Activities To Avoid or Change:

Looking Up with a Twist

Once aggravated, This pain pattern will bother you to look up and to the side. Today, this often happens with computer work. However, it happens when watching TV in a pub, birdwatching, and more. Often, people don’t connect the ear pain with the activity that aggravates it. it.


This also leads to ear pain while sleeping that can be confused for infection. So, if you have already seen a medical professional for the ear pain, and it persists, try the suggestions below.

For Temporary Relief:

Pain Patch

Try the stretch shown in the picture. First, turn your nose toward the ear that hurts. Next, lean away from that ear. You’ll feel tension along the side of your neck. Sometimes, it continues along the neck toward your spine in the upper ribs.

Place the patch along that line of tension that extends down from the back of your ear. Then, wait a few minutes and ease into this stretch again. For people with this trigger point, the pain eases off within minutes. These small pain patches are inexpensive and effective. I’ve used them in my clinic for quick relief on many occasions.

A Few Pointers

If you don’t have a patch, try this same stretch but just rub a piece of ice over the tension. Temporarily, that usually offers relief.

Don’t use a pain cream here. The fumes often aggravate the eyes.

These self-care activities, like over-the-counter drugs, are not intended to replace appropriate medical attention. If you have concerns about these self-care activities, get help from a professional. Use these suggestions and strategies with discretion and at your own risk. See your doctor when your pain is severe, persistent, or not responding to these simple suggestions.

Stretches and Exercises for Longer-Lasting Relief:

Work the Bigger Problem

This is often a smaller detail of Forward-Head Posture. Several muscles try to fight the forward posture. This is a smaller one that gets caught in the group effort.

Use a pain patch or the ice, as suggested. Consequently, the muscle will release and allow the supporting muscles to lengthen. A few light clicks during this process indicates some joints that loosen. That allows the tense muscles to relax.

Stick with this on a daily basis to make bigger changes, In turn, you’ll get further away from the return of this and other pains of Forward-Head Posture.

I’d love your feedback on how this works for you and any suggestions you might have.
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Yoga Corner

Tuck, Especially when Turning

The practitioner does a great job of tucking her chin in this pose. Obviously, that’s a real effort in a pose that leans back.

Moreover, focus on staying tucked when you turn your head in poses like Warrior, seated twists, Dragon, supine twists, etc.

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