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Craniosacral – Concepts, Principles, History

This collection contains posts that are primarily about craniosacral concepts, principles of treatment, and history. This is a great place to grok the landscape of this field.

Concepts, like the difference between biodynamic and osteopathic approaches, help to understand craniosacral through contrast. Similarly, Principles, like joint play and skeletal correlations, help to put the treatment into a usable context. Finally, history and individual cases help to provide practical perspectives when conceptual ideas need to be grounded.

Integrative Craniosacral Manual

Many of the posts in this collection are sections from the manual on Integrative Craniosacral. It covers a wide range of topics including principles, methodology, anatomy, techniques, protocols, and worksheets. This video is a 5-minute review of the content.

This collection will continue to grow as sections are updated and revised for content and readability.