Forearm Pain

Elbow Pain When PushingElbow Pain When Pushing

Elbow Pain When Pushing

The trigger point referral patterns discussed here all create pain in the elbow from trigger points in the triceps muscle.…

3 years ago

Shoulder Pain and Neck Tension in Golf Swing

Shoulder Pain During Swing Patients complain about pain in the shoulder occurring at the end of their golf swing. When…

3 years ago

Pain when pitching or reaching behind your body

Want to skip ahead?Here's a link to my post about getting relief on your own. trigger point referral pattern for…

7 years ago

Hard to Resolve Forearm Pain

Pain across the chest and down the arm is similar to the sensations of heart attack. Most of my clients…

7 years ago

Shoulder or Forearm Pain While Steering

A patient will hold their arm up as if they have it on top of the steering wheel. They trace…

7 years ago