Organized Pain

A series of post on how pain is organized in the body and why that is important for effective long term pain relief.

Structural PerformanceStructural Performance

Structural Performance

Introduction Integrative Bodywork addresses the Holistic Model from a structural perspective. This text is focused on Structural Performance. Further, this…

2 years ago

Myofascial Protection

This short section explores the importance of how myofascial structures offer protection when trying to release problematic and painful patterns…

4 years ago

Trigger Point Concepts

This document is a an excerpt from Neuromuscular Assessment.

4 years ago

Understanding Trigger Points

This post is a summary of key concepts relative to all trigger points. It is a brief collection of information…

8 years ago

Why are the unfamiliar activities painful?

It's a great question. I often state its counter part, "Other people do that and don't have pain. Let's work so…

8 years ago

Is Your Body Manageable Or Self-Correcting?

When I teach Integrative Bodywork, one of the first things that I teach is to respect the goals of the…

12 years ago

An Introduction to the Integrative Bodywork Model

Many people talk about holistic approaches to integrative bodywork models. Let's explore those terms and what they mean. If you…

12 years ago

Understanding Organized Pain: Overview

  I started this blog with a post about Finding the Godfather of Organized Pain. I'd like to take a…

12 years ago

Finding The Godfather of Organized Pain

Integrative bodywork is more than ferreting out trigger points, balancing pelvises and smoothing out the tissues. It focuses on finding…

12 years ago