Pain in Calf or Groin with Stiff Hip

People have pain in their calf or groin with a stiff hip. People usually complain of a specific spot on the upper, outside of their calf. It has some intensity and may even burn.

Less often, they have pain in their groin that may extend into their genitalia or down the thigh. They are less likely to c complain about this to their bodyworker, as they think it may be a hernia. Furthermore, they aren’t interested in having treatment there.

With either of these, they often have a stiff hip. It is usually more vague than the picture suggests. Also, they are more focused on the other pain, which tends to be more intense. I typically have to ask how their low back is doing to get them to mention the stiff hip.

Groin pain often prompts a visit to the MD, where this usually is referred to as a hernia, although not one severe enough to repair. If you have pain that extends into the groin and genitalia, please see your doctor first.

This is often caused by extended twisting of the pelvis although it may also be caused by a sudden twist of the pelvis. The latter usually involves a car accident, a fall or a sports injury resulting in a direct blow to the hip.

More often, however, clients complain of this after being seated in a twisted position for a long period of time, such as at a conference or sitting on a worn-out coffee shop couch. Sit up straight Chandler!

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