oitf rectus-capitis anterior

Occipitomastoid Suture Distraction- Craniosacral TechniquesOccipitomastoid Suture Distraction- Craniosacral Techniques

Occipitomastoid Suture Distraction- Craniosacral Techniques

This is one of several techniques that release restrictions between the occipital bone and mastoid bone. Notably, it is a…

1 year ago

Sagittal Suture Release – Craniosacral Techniques

This technique releases restrictions between the parietal bones along the sagittal suture. This staple of craniosacral work releases the top…

1 year ago

Self Care – Pain In The Base Of The Head With Earache

Here, you'll find strategies for getting relief through self-care from pain at the base of the head with an earache.…

4 years ago

Anterior Suboccipital Muscles – Therapy Notes

Access is the Problem The treatment of the rectus capitis anterior can be done more easily by avoiding direct treatment.…

4 years ago