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Integrative Bodywork is a Holistic Approach. This approach respects how bodywork influences other systems. The work is refined to clear your mind, regulate your emotions, strengthen your immune system, improve your digestion and more…

The Holistic Practitioner recognizes that the client’s systems are interwoven. The nutritionist knows that they can help depression and poor muscle tone. The counselor knows that a positive outlook helps the immune system and changes posture. The Neuromuscular therapist knows which trigger points drive us into fight-or-flight and which ones irritate our sinuses.

The Integrative Bodyworker knows that it is not only important to know how our work changes the other systems, it is also important to know when the client’s problem is best addressed by another practitioner’s approach such as nutrition, counseling or occupational therapy.

Integrative Craniosacral is more directly connected to our recovery and healing. Our involuntary nervous system regulates background processes that redirect resources based on our situation. When we need to take action, the Sympathetic Nervous System directs blood and other resources toward muscles. Sensory responses are sharpened to help us take action. When we are not in fight-or-flight, our Parasympathetic Nervous System directs resources toward rest, digestion and recovery. This Parasympathetic System that heals us is also known as the Craniosacral Nervous System because the nerves primarily enter the body through the cranium or sacrum.

Most bodyworkers use the Holistic Approach. The Integrative Bodyworker takes it a step further. They understand how the nervous system uses structural governors. This makes the massage and bodywork better organized, more effective and creates a body that is better at self-correcting.

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