Therapy Notes – Chest

Subclavius – Massage Therapy NotesSubclavius – Massage Therapy Notes

Subclavius – Massage Therapy Notes

The left sternoclavicular joint, (and subclavius muscle) are governed by restrictions in the right maxilla. Structural release of the palate…

4 years ago

Pectoralis Minor – Massage Therapy Notes

Overview These notes on massage and bodywork focus on the pectoralis minor. They offer the classical neuromuscular massage protocol in…

4 years ago

Pectoralis Major – Massage Therapy Notes

The pectoralis major is a broad, fan-shaped muscle made of flat overlapping strips that covers the anterior ribs. Pecs are…

4 years ago

Therapy Notes – Serratus Anterior

The serratus anterior can be tricky to assess and treat through neuromuscular massage and bodywork. The muscle has a number…

4 years ago