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Deltoid – Massage NotesDeltoid – Massage Notes

Deltoid – Massage Notes

Here, you will find massage and bodywork notes for the deltoid muscle. These notes offer a neuromuscular protocol from The…

3 years ago

Subscapularis – Massage Notes

Subscapularis trigger points can be painful and challenging to treat with a neuromuscular massage. Preparing the surrounding joint structures can…

3 years ago

Supraspinatus – Massage Therapy Notes

Traditionally, Neuromuscular massage of the supraspinatus muscle is a simple process of tendon friction and glides through the belly. However,…

3 years ago

Teres Minor – Massage Therapy Notes

Neuromuscular massage usually addresses teres minor after other shoulder trigger points. It is the lesser of the rotator cuff muscles…

3 years ago

Teres Major – Massage Therapy Notes

Here, you will find massage therapy notes for the teres major. Treatment sequencing includes opening the nerve roots, treating the…

3 years ago

Infraspinatus – Massage Therapy Notes

Overview These notes on massage and bodywork focus on the infraspinatus muscle. They offer the classical neuromuscular massage protocol in…

4 years ago