Extrinsic Back Muscles

Extrinsic Back Muscles – Functional AnatomyExtrinsic Back Muscles – Functional Anatomy

Extrinsic Back Muscles – Functional Anatomy

Overview Origin posterior axial skeleton Insertion scapulaupper humerus Function retract the scapuladepress & elevate the scapulaRotate the scapula upward and…

6 years ago

Trapezius – Functional Anatomy

Overview Trapezius anatomy is complex. The trapezius is a broad, flat muscle covering the upper back. It is named for…

6 years ago

Latissimus Dorsi- Functional Anatomy

The anatomy of the latissimus dorsi seems simple but ends up attaching to more bones in the back than almost…

6 years ago

Rhomboid Major and Minor Muscles – Functional Anatomy

Rhomboid Muscles The anatomy of the rhomboid major and minor seems straightforward. These muscles attach the upper thoracic and lower…

6 years ago

Levator Scapula – Functional Anatomy

Levator Scapula - Anterior View Overview The Levator scapula is a ropy extrinsic back muscle that connects the scapula to…

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