Thoracic Outlet Anatomy

Thoracic Outlet – Functional AnatomyThoracic Outlet – Functional Anatomy

Thoracic Outlet – Functional Anatomy

The anatomy of thoracic outlet structures is complex in several ways. First, many of the bones are both origin and…

4 years ago

Scalene Muscles – Functional Anatomy

Overview Scalene anatomy is more variable than most muscles. They vary in their attachments and size in 40-71% of the…

6 years ago

Subclavius- Functional Anatomy

The subclavius is a short, thick triangular muscle along the inferior aspect of the clavicle. Origin - first rib Insertion…

6 years ago

Pectoralis Minor – Functional Anatomy

Overview Pectoralis minor is a fan-shaped muscle in the front of the shoulder. Notably, its anatomy has frequent variations. Basically, it…

6 years ago