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ALS Doctor Makes The News But It Is Just Another Day Here.

My client, who seems to have recovered from ALS, came in today. Here’s the original post about him, if you missed it.  He was telling me how his doctor at Emory made the news last night. Here’s the article. The video has a pretty graphic shot of the cervical spinal cord (with a cool look at the craniosacral membranes). Basically, it says that a patient underwent experimental stem cell transplants into his spine. It helped this guy a while after the first surgery, but he started regressing again, so they’re going to give it another shot. The news story says that he was the only one of 15 that it helped in the first trial.

Here is another story that this surgery is one of the most powerful stories ever reported. Really? It doesn’t really say why it was so exciting, but it has an ad for a company called Stemcyte.

My client is doing well. He has made steady improvements for almost a year now.  He had some increased spasms a couple of weeks ago, but the last cranial session seemed to really reduce those again. His forearms are larger and more muscular than ever. His shoulders are getting stronger, but we would like to see faster progress.

No. I don’t think that I’m an ALS expert. But my approach DID make amazing progress in a case that was diagnosed by both Emory and the Mayo Clinic. Fox 5 News didn’t come out to interview me. The doctor told my client not to see me. Really? Why? My client is getting steady results and is better every month for about a year now.

I’m not the kind of guy who is looking to make the news or shake up the world. I’m a little cautious about writing this as I’m not really interested in every ALS person coming to see me. I don’t think my approach has better research or as much credibility as Emory. But it is working. You’d think that they’d be curious.

But this surgery, it has the possibility of having lasting results and has made national news. And it is stem cell research – that’s REALLY exciting.