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Pain in the Front of Shoulder When Lifting ArmPain in the Front of Shoulder When Lifting Arm

Pain in the Front of Shoulder When Lifting Arm

People complain of pain in the front of the shoulder when lifting the elbow above the shoulder or back at…

8 years ago

Stiff, Swollen Hands in the Morning

Areas of Pain and tingling associated to scalene trigger points People complain about waking with stiff, swollen hands in the…

8 years ago

Shoulder or Forearm Pain While Steering

A patient will hold their arm up as if they have it on top of the steering wheel. They trace…

8 years ago

Pain Behind the Shoulder When Lifting Arm

When the trigger point is less advanced, people hold their arm out with the elbow away from their side,  reach…

8 years ago

Can’t Reach Pain Under the Shoulder Blade

Want to skip ahead?Here's a link to my post about getting relief on your own. People complain of pain under…

8 years ago

Shoulder pain when sleeping on your side

Sleeping on Your Side People complain of pain that disturbs their sleep when lying on the painful shoulder. Surprisingly, it…

8 years ago