Pelvic Balancing Using CraniosacralPelvic Balancing Using Craniosacral

Pelvic Balancing Using Craniosacral

Introduction Here, you will find a primer for balancing the pelvis through craniosacral work. This post is divided into sections:…

2 years ago

Integrative Functional Organization Overview

Overview Here, you will find the basics of Integrative Functional Organization (IFO). Casually, practitioners call this "clean-up" or "balancing the…

2 years ago

Overview of SBS Patterns

Here, you will find basic information about the patterns of the Sphenobasilar Mechanism (SBM) as it moves around its axes…

3 years ago

Craniosacral – The Sphenobasilar (SBS) Mechanism, Axes & Quadrants

Here you will find a brief overview of the sphenobasilar mechanism and its axes of motion. You should be familiar…

3 years ago