Hip Flexors

Hip flexors

Gracilis – Functional AnatomyGracilis – Functional Anatomy

Gracilis – Functional Anatomy

Gracilis - medial view Overview Gracilis is a long, thin muscle on the medial aspect of the thigh. Origin medial…

1 year ago

Sartorius- Functional Anatomy

Overview The functional anatomy of the sartorius muscle is complicated and often argued. The muscle is used when adopting a…

1 year ago

Rectus Femoris – Functional Anatomy

Rectus Femoris - Anterior View Overview of Anatomy The rectus femoris is a superficial muscle on the anterior thigh. However,…

2 years ago

Tensor Fascia Lata (TFL) – Functional Anatomy

Brief Overview The Tensor fascia lata is a small fusiform muscle that, with some variance, tapers at the ends. Origin…

4 years ago

Iliacus – Functional Anatomy

Overview The anatomy of the iliacus is the simplest of the hip flexors. Origin Iliac fossa of the ilium Insertion…

6 years ago

Psoas Major – Functional Anatomy

Here you will find the anatomy of the psoas major. It fits into a larger group of muscles, the iliopsoas…

6 years ago