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Headache in forehead from pressure or impact

referral - SCM - clavicularThis headache pattern is most commonly caused by sternocleidomastoid. If you have a headache above the eyebrow, check the post on that pattern as well.

Client Description


People touch their forehead just above the eyebrow and complain of headache there. They may also complain that they get a headache there when wearing a hat that presses into that area.

This may be elicited by a blow to the head in a car accident or sports injury. When this is from a recent injury, it needs to be checked by a medical doctor before treatment.

When the blow to the head is more severe, the opthalmic nerve may be entrapped or compressed. This produces prickly sensation above and behind the forehead on that side. That can usually be addressed with craniosacral techniques.


Self Care

If this is from a recent blow to the forehead, check with a medical doctor first.

This may be relieved by a by stroking the forehead with ice and wiggling the eyebrows up and down or gentle massage of the forehead. If that does not offer lasting relief, see your craniosacral or trigger point therapist.

Therapy Notes

oit-frontalisFrontalis is part of epicranius. Gentle fascial work along upper cranial vault with addition local massage often relieves this when it is chronic. If this continues to elicit a response, check the clavicular division of the sternocleidomastoid, which refers into this area.

When this is chronic, or there is a prickly sensation on the top of the head, this may require sutural work, decompression of the frontal bone or additional cranial work.

Similar Patterns

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