Serratus Posterior Inferior – Massage Therapy NotesSerratus Posterior Inferior – Massage Therapy Notes

Serratus Posterior Inferior – Massage Therapy Notes

Here, you will find massage and bodywork notes for serratus posterior inferior. This includes treatment sequencing, craniosacral, joint mobilizations, and…

3 years ago

Thoracolumbar Release with AO-45

Overview This atlantooccipital release is specific for the CranioMuscular release of postural imbalances around the thoracolumbar joint. Soft Tissue Focus…

3 years ago

Self-Care – Burning and Aching Mid-back Pain

Here, you can find strategies for getting relief from burning and aching in the mid-back. In this other post, you…

3 years ago

Self Care – Relief from Coughing

When you stop coughing, continue to practice social distancing. Act responsibly in protecting the health of yourself and others. Practically…

4 years ago

Quadratus Lumborum and Serratus Posterior Inferior – Neuromuscular Massage Protocol

This protocol treats quadratus lumborum and serratus posterior inferior in a prone position.

4 years ago

Aching and Burning in the mid back

Want to skip ahead?Here's a link to my post about getting relief on your own. These people complain of aching…

6 years ago

Serratus Posterior Inferior – Functional Anatomy

Serratus Posterior Inferior Origin The spinous processes of T11-L2 Insertion the inferior border of the last four ribs, just lateral…

6 years ago

Self Care – Breathing exercise for upper back pain

This breathing exercise for relief from upper back pain can be very effective when done properly and regularly. It is…

8 years ago