Leg Slap Pelvic MobilizationLeg Slap Pelvic Mobilization

Leg Slap Pelvic Mobilization

Overview This simple technique is a quick and straightforward way to deal with the sacral up-slip. This “shotgun” technique releases…

3 years ago

Self Care – Pain in the mid-calf and heel

The sacrotuberous ligament a thick band of connective tissue that ties the low back, sacrum, ilium, ischium and becomes the…

4 years ago

Pain in the mid-calf and heel

People usually complain of pain in the center of their calf but sometimes, they complain of pain at the top…

4 years ago

Sacrotuberous Ligament – Massage Therapy Notes

The sacrotuberous ligament can be difficult to treat from many perspectives. First, it is physically hard to reach. Second, it…

4 years ago

Sacrotuberous ligament – Neuromuscular Massage Protocol

This protocol treats the sacrotuberous ligament through NMT. Pelvic balancing and other approaches are discussed in self-care and therapist notes.

4 years ago

Pelvic Ligaments – Functional Anatomy

Here, I explore the anatomy of the pelvic ligaments, their structure, attachments, and how they mature through the decades of…

4 years ago

Self Care – Releasing hip trigger points with a tennis ball

This is a VERY useful home care activity for clients with chronic trigger points in the hips. This not only…

12 years ago