Musculoskeletal Illustrations VideoMusculoskeletal Illustrations Video

Musculoskeletal Illustrations Video

A short video about the illustrations on this site and how they were inspired. There are examples with biceps, iliocostalis,…

11 months ago

Self-Care – Mid Back Pain that May Stiffen the Low Back

Here, you will find relief through self-care for mid-back pain that extends upward, forward and stiffens the lower back. If…

2 years ago

Illiocostalis – Massage Therapy Notes

Massage and bodywork for iliocostalis thoracis may involve more than local joint work and trigger point release. Overstretching of the…

2 years ago

Erector Spinae – Iliocostalis – Functional Anatomy

Overview of anatomy Iliocostalis is part of the erector spinae group, which also includes longissimus and spinalis. Iliocostalis, like the…

2 years ago

Self-Care – Radiating Pain Under the Shoulder Blade

Here, you will find strategies for effective relief o the nagging pain under the shoulder blade created by iliocostalis cervicis,…

2 years ago

Radiating Pain Under the Base of the Shoulder-Blade

Want to skip ahead?Here's a link to my post about getting relief on your own. People complain of radiating pain…

6 years ago