Morton’s Foot StructureMorton’s Foot Structure

Morton’s Foot Structure

An Overview Morton's foot structure is based on differences in the bone structure of the feet. At a point, it…

2 weeks ago

Left Lateral Strain- CranioMuscular Assessment and Release

Overview Here you will find the CranioMuscular assessment and structural technique for the SBS pattern of Left Lateral Strain. Also,…

1 month ago

Left Torsion Strain – SBS Assessment and Technique

Overview Here you will find the technique for initiating the SBS pattern of Left Torsion Strain. Also, there are indicators…

4 months ago

Peroneal Muscles – Massage Therapy Notes

Overview Peroneal muscles are responsive to craniostructural work, pelvic work, and local joint work. In addition, the proper preparation makes…

7 months ago