Self Care – Headache on the Top of Your Head

This headache is from a trigger point in the splenius capitis muscle. It is a little strap that connects the bottom of your neck to the bump behind your ear. It is very active in raising your chin and turning it to the same side as the muscle.

Avoid sustained postures with your chin jutting forward, especially while twisting it from side to side, as when you are watching birds or leaning forward watching tennis. The most common version of this today is leaning forward and turning your head between two monitors or looking up at a high screen for long periods.

Do The Box

Do the whole routine at the top and bottom of your neck. Pay attention to the sensitivity of stretches #2 and #3 at the top of your neck. It’s important that you do the whole routine as this muscle is strongly balanced against the muscles in stretches #9 and #10.

Go back and redo stretches #2, #3, #4 and#5 where it was sensitive and tight at the top of your neck. Also, redo stretches #9 and #10 but ice along the back of your neck instead of along the SCM.

Sometimes, this really needs some upper cervical work from your bodyworker. Don’t worry, your trigger point specialist is trained to sort this out. This trigger point is sustained by some joint problems in the top of your neck. They will take care of that too.

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