Another ALS client makes progress

I am working with another client who has ALS. I will call her Linda. Linda and Burt are about the same age but are otherwise very different. ALS has impacted different areas of their body. They have different lifestyles. They are different genders. They have different involvement in ALS groups, etc.

ALS involves involuntary muscular spasms. Often, but not always, they start in the legs. These spasms are demoralizing. They are a signal of inevitable loss of control. They can be embarrassing, frustrating and distracting during daily activities. Often, the ALS patient will leave the bed at night because it disturbs their spouse’s sleep.

Both Linda and Burt complained of muscle spasms. Their spasms are of different intensity and in different areas. We seem to be able to quell those spasms consistently with Integrative Craniosacral. This approach, unlike popular craniosacral therapies, deals with craniosomatic relationships. I have used this approach to treat pain, postural distortions and regulatory disorders for more than 20 years.

Another ALS concern is respiratory volume. These ALS patients get regularly scheduled tests to measure their breathing, which consistently drops in volume. This is also rough for their morale. Recently, Linda came in for her session and was concerned about her next breathing test. So I worked on her craniosacral system, spine and ribs to specifically increase her breathing. I received a text on the day of her test telling me that her breathing had unexpectedly improved. We’re both pretty geeked out about that.

Burt and Linda are doing other therapies but both feel that the therapy has greatly improved their quality of life. They come in with specific complaints about spasms or breathing or cramping or weakness and seem to consistently get results.  In our last session, Burt told me that a few years ago he did not expect to see his 60th birthday but is now looking forward to it.

I’m not claiming to be an expert in ALS but this ALS adventure continues to be a great experience. I do love my job.

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