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NMT Protocols – Sub-Occipitals Supine

This protocol treats the sub-occipital region, loosening the atlantooccipital and atlantoaxial regions, often in preparation for other work. Gentle traction of the head superiorly and a little anteriorly can be helpful. About 90 seconds offersContinue reading

Self Care – Guidelines for using an Ice Pack

Ice packs are a great way to reduce swelling and inflammation, increase circulation and relieve pain. They can be ineffective and even create some problems if used improperly. How Ice Packs Work Ice packs createContinue reading

Active Isolated Stretching Guidelines

This is a handout that I give patients when I’m explaining Active Isolated Stretching. This is an abbreviated guide from Aaron Mattes’s books and courses. This system is very different from traditional stretching or yoga.Continue reading

The Workbook of Classical Neuromuscular Therapy

The workbook of neuromuscular therapy came out of the need for a more complete neuromuscular manual at a time when bodywork and I were going through big changes. In 1993, I quit my first careerContinue reading

Using the anatomy illustrations to assess restrictions.

I have taken on a new project to teach anatomy for yoga. I am in the process of building an anatomy section for a quicker, practical understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology. I will beContinue reading

Key concepts when managing trigger points

Extensive research has shown the characteristics of each specific trigger point, including the area of sensation and impaired activity. This is essential in connecting the trigger point to the client’s complaint. It is a startingContinue reading

Trigger Points – Aching mid-back with tired triceps

Client’s Description People complain of an area of aching pain at the base of their shoulder blade. They can’t reach it and may ask to trace the spot on my back or on the illustration thatContinue reading

More than surviving.

Annie (her alias) is a Texan grandmother in her late 60s. She started working with me years ago. She has some real problems with degenerative discs in her neck. We’ve been through a lot. I’veContinue reading

Notes on William Garner Sutherland

William Garner Sutherland (1873-1954) is largely regarded as the father of cranial osteopathy, which is at the root of most craniosacral approaches. Several other noted osteopaths and chiropractors explored craniosacral approaches around the same timeContinue reading