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Saturday before last, I had a new client come in. He was referred by a friend of his father who is an old client of mine and very active athlete of about 50. This newContinue reading

Understanding Organized Pain – Pathological Reflex Arc – The Rogue Hitman

In the world of Organized Pain, the trigger point is a weapon looking for a hitman. Sometimes, it is The Rogue Hitman. This hitman acts outside of The Pain Organization. This happens when the trigger point getsContinue reading

Understanding Organized Pain – Injured Muscle – The Disrespected Hitman

Muscles get testy when they’re disrespected. This is the way that most people think of trigger points as being activated – blunt trauma or strain. When it happens like this, the Disrespected Hitman appears, does his jobContinue reading

Understanding Organized Pain – Menacing Protection

Organized Pain can create different types of enforcement with muscles. It is for your protection. Really. We usually think of our muscles, connective tissues and bones as these things that gives us shape and move us around butContinue reading

Understanding Organized Pain – Proprioceptors – Informant of Gravity

Organized Pain has a system of communication. Proprioceptors are one of the most important informants in the system. Proprioceptors are sensors in our body that collect information about position and movement. They can collect informationContinue reading

Understanding Organized Pain – Trigger Points – Weapon Of Choice

  Trigger points are the weapon of choice for Organized Pain in the musculoskeletal system. Like this handgun, they can be difficult to trace. The good detective can examine the scene and trace it back toContinue reading

Understanding Organized Pain: Overview

  I started this blog with a post about Finding the Godfather of Organized Pain. I’d like to take a series of posts to explore Organized Pain. It is important to recognize how it works inContinue reading