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Masseter – Functional Anatomy

Masseter The masseter is a three bellied muscle on the lateral jaw. It is often regarded as having the strongest muscle fibers in the body. Superficial bellies: Origin: The anterior two-thirds of the zygomatic archContinue reading

Understanding Trigger Points – Tooth Pain – Lower Molars

Client’s Description People complain of a toothache and infection in their lower molars teeth that seem to extend up into the roots. There is usually one tooth where the pain is more focused. They usually come toContinue reading

Understanding Trigger Points – Earache with Jaw tension

There are several trigger points that create pain in the ear. neuromuscular assessment can help to pinpoint the right one. This referral point of trigger point focuses in the ear and spread through the jaw.Continue reading

Understanding Trigger Points – Sinus pressure with sensitive upper teeth

Client’s Description People come in complaining of a toothache and infection in their upper teeth that seems to extend up into the roots. They usually don’t expect the massage therapist to get rid of the pain,Continue reading

Understanding Trigger Points: Headache In The Eyebrow

Client’s Description People complain about their headache as they trace their eyebrow with their fingers. This is the pattern that happens right in the eyebrow. There are other patterns that happen above or below theContinue reading