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Improving Executive Functions and Multitasking

Many of my clients, both adults and school children, are interested in better Executive Functioning. Part of that is improving self-monitoring, impulse control and flexible thinking. They are looking for the ability to engage withContinue reading

James Bond. Sensory Integration Hero.

James Bond. I bet that you think of him as many things. He has good fashion sense. He is visually stunning. He is brilliant, witty and socially challenging at loud parties. He can step outContinue reading

Connecting Sensory Integration and Trigger Points

In the mid-90s, I started working with an OT that specialized in Sensory Integration. She was one of the best. More than that, she ran seminars that brought the icons of Sensory Integration treatment intoContinue reading

Heaven is a place with tension.

There are lies that we know are lies but play along. I’ll call you. Baby, I think those jeans are just cut wrong.I knew nothing about that. You are the best, EVER. If we only madeContinue reading