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Sciatica, Degenerative Discs and Trigger Points

Many clients come to me with pain that their doctor has called “sciatica.” Sciatica originally referred to a painful inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve emerges from the lower lumbar vertebrae and upper sacralContinue reading

Understanding Trigger Points – Pain in the Achilles Tendon

This trigger point creates pain that focuses on the Achilles tendon. Referral can also spillover into the calf and bottom of the foot. It is associated with the tibialis posterior, a muscle located deeply in theContinue reading

Understanding Trigger Points: Painful, Unstable Ankle

Client’s Description People often come in complaining that they have twisted their ankle and wonder if it is sprained. They associate it to stepping off a curb where the ball of the foot hits theContinue reading

Understanding Trigger Points – The Seizing Hamstring

This is a great example of how trigger points can create a confusing referral pattern that leaves you chasing the wrong muscle. Client’s Description These people grab their hamstring and talk about how painful itContinue reading